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About ICA

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ICA was founded in 1966 and is the world’s leading colour forecasting service.   

Our panels of internationally-experienced colour and design consultants meet twice yearly to agree on the new colour trends for Interiors, Exteriors, Fashion and all manufactured coloured products. Their combined predictions are now published online    24 months ahead.    


COLOUR is acknowledged to be a most important single factor at the point of sale and our new online services provide immediate access to ICA's world-renowned forecasts, which include Pantone© and NCS notations to ensure colour accuracy when communicating on the Internet.    


Regarded as the benchmark for anyone involved in colour, ICA's publications are acclaimed by the International Trade Centre (a joint agency of the United Nations Trade & Development Conference and the World Trade Organization) as:

“the favourite publications of many professionals, containing an abundance of accurate information on market trends”.







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 Colour is not important - it's VITAL !