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      Detail from a painting
      by Pepa Poch

The unique ICA colour forecasting service, produced by professional colourists since 1966, is distributed online. Members of the ICA Colour Panels are either independent self-employed consultants or full- time specialised executives from famous worldwide companies.


Produced in high intensity colours, two issues of ICA Forecasts are published annually. Each edition, comprising appoximately 50 pages contains colour trends for Interiors, Exteriors and Fashion and includes Pantone© and NCS notations to ensure colour accuracy when communicating or matching.


The Spring/Summer 2013 Forecast is now available.


The Autumn/Winter 2013/14 Forecast is now available.


The Autumn/Winter 2014/15 Forecast is now available.


Rates for subscribing online to ICA are:

• Single Forecasts (approx.50 pages) £300

• 2 Consecutive Editions per annum £500


Online Subscriptions plus Bound Books:


• Single Forecast with a book: £325

• 2 Consecutive Editions with 2 books: £550


Packing & Postage for each book: Europe £10; Outside Europe £20.


* See 'Subscribe' top left

* See extracts from ICA's Forecasts, above left



Colour is not important - it's VITAL !